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True Socializer

“I used to be a true introvert, for whom making calls would be a stressful task; however, I have worked on myself and improved that side of me.” Our Ani has a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Journalism from Yerevan State University. After realizing that journalism was not a right fit for her, she completed a certificate program at YSU, this time in PR and Marketing. Ani has also studied the art of project management so that she could implement its principles in her work and provide a professional approach. “Despite the transition, I would have chosen the same career path again if I had the chance. I am thankful for the base knowledge I received from my journalism profession.” Content translation, and publishing, in an IT company were how Ani’s professional career started while she was in the middle of her academic career. After working as a journalist, she realized that it was not what she wanted to devote herself to. “Being a journalist was taxing for me, and I wanted to pursue the career that fulfilled me. Apart from that, I still love working with texts and interviewing people.” Ani claims that working at Deem Communications allows her to combine her previous work experience with academic knowledge and utilize it in practice. One skill that she has learned and mastered throughout her journey was interpersonal communication. Again, this comes from her journalism background, and she is proud to make use of it every day. “What I love about DEEM is that you can always learn here, improve your skills. Moreover, since the client base is so diverse, you get to work with various industries and discover more about each.” Ani is certain that the career she has chosen consists of countless small professions combined in one.  Outside of her hardworking shell, Ani is passionate about Latin American style dances, especially tango. She finds peace in dancing and considers it an excellent stress-relief tool. Ani finds inspiration in the people surrounding her, both at work and her family, at home. She believes that everything is connected in life and that all events happen when and the way they should. 
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